Ganze Technology, LLC

Technology Management and Support

Ganze Technology, LLC specializes in helping Upstate New York firms with all of their technology needs. Our clients include property management firms, insurance firms, and many other small and medium-sized businesses in the Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo markets. Transfer your computer and technology issues to us. We are committed to your company's needs and we'll be there when you need us.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

A BDR or Backup and Disaster Recovery Server is a computer that stores your backups and in the event of an emergency can function as your server. It makes continuous backups throughout the day allowing minimal data loss when things go wrong. It is configured to run your server as a virtual while you recover from a crash.Disaster Planning and Recovery 

Some of the Key benefits are ~

  • Virtualized disaster recovery platform – run your hardware server as a virtual while you recover from a server crash
  • Onsite Backup for quick restore and recovery
  • Offsite Backup for redundancy